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Giraffe born with dislocated hip euthanized at ABQ BioPark Zoo

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The first of three anticipated baby giraffes was born on Wednesday but had to be euthanized late Thursday,  ABQ BioPark Zoo announced Friday afternoon.

“ABQ BioPark Zoo is mourning the loss of a newborn giraffe born early Wednesday morning to Niara. This was Niara’s first pregnancy,” Baird Fleming, ABQ BioPark deputy chief executive, said in a news release.

The male calf was unable to stand after birth the way healthy baby giraffes do.

“When he failed to stand quickly staff worked to warm and bottle feed him. He was monitored and cared for around the clock,” Fleming said in the release.

The calf was found to have a dislocated hip, which his caretaker team attempted to fix.

“During the procedure, it was determined that the leg was not going to stay in place, and therefore the calf would never have been able to walk. To avoid any continued discomfort, he was euthanized late Thursday,” the zoo release said.

The ABQ BioPark zoo has two other pregnant giraffes who could deliver between now and the fall.