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Dead woman’s family to receive $3 million

SANTA FE – State government agreed to a $3 million settlement payment to the family of a woman shot and killed by a State Police officer in Santa Fe more than three years ago to avoid a wrongful death suit, according to documents obtained by the Journal Friday.

State Police Officer Oliver Wilson shot and killed 39-year-old Jeanette Anaya around 1 a.m. Nov. 7, 2013, after Wilson tried to pull her over for what the officer contended was a questionable turn onto St. Francis Drive, although his dash-cam camera didn’t show any obviously erratic driving when it was made public.

Anaya, who was wanted on a minor warrant for concealing identity, didn’t stop and led Wilson on a chase through city streets, reaching 87 mph at one point. After Wilson used a bumping maneuver to get Anaya to stop on Camino Carlos Rey near Herb Martinez Park Wilson, she backed up and her car struck Wilson’s patrol car, the dash-cam video showed.

Jeanette Anaya

Wilson, who was already out of the car at that time, began firing shots shortly after the collision, but it was unclear if Anaya’s car was moving forward or backward as the shots rang out. One of the 16 shots hit Anaya in the back of the head while another hit her in the back.

Wilson was cleared of wrongdoing in a closed-to-the-public investigative grand jury proceeding, with evidence presented by former District Attorney Angela “Spence” Pacheco, in January 2014.

Anaya’s family filed a tort claim notice with the state on Dec. 10, 2013, saying that Anaya’s statutory and constitutional rights had been violated. The state Risk Management Divisions’s settlement agreement, dated Sept. 24, 2014, says Wilson “wrongfully engaged in a car chase and shot at Ms. Jeanette Anaya, which resulted in her death.” The state said it’s not admitting liability and that the settlement is a “compromise to avoid the expenses of litigation and to terminate all controversy and claims against (the state) of any nature.”

The state was to make a payment of $3,050,000 from the public liability fund to Jake and Teresa Anaya and their lawyers 20 days after the settlement date.

Teresa Anaya, Jeanette’s mother, said Friday she didn’t want to comment on the settlement but that she said she still wants to see Wilson charged for the shooting. She has maintained that the State Police, which investigated the shooting by one of its own officers, and Pacheco covered up Wilson’s crimes. “I’m still fighting for justice and for and for criminal charges,” she said Friday.

Wilson said at the grand jury hearing that he started firing because he thought he was going to be crushed between the two cars when Anaya was backing up. Anaya’s passenger that night, Jeremy Munoz, testified at the grand jury proceeding that Wilson started shooting as they were driving away.