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Organizer expects 80 employers at job fair

State Senator Michael Padilla

The fifth session of a popular job fair in the South Valley is set for Wednesday, July 19, at Harrison Middle School.

But you better arrive early for a parking spot, as job fair sponsor and organizer Sen. Michael Padilla, D-Albuquerque, says the event will be packed with more than 80 employers and likely more than 4,000 job seekers.

“There will be every type of employer you can imagine. Banks, airlines, health insurance companies, a really diverse group of employers,” said Padilla.

Padilla said everyone is welcome to explore job options, including those seekers with criminal records. And he said people with developmental delays could also possibly find job options at the fair.

“There’s something for everybody at this job fair,” he said.

Padilla launched the Annual Senator Michael Padilla Job Fair in 2012 to try to “turn around the extreme home foreclosure rate” in his district in the South Valley.

“I can’t get a bricks and mortar company to se up shop in my district, so this is one way to connect employer and employees and address the issue of poverty,” Padilla said.

The first year he had 20 employers and about 500 seekers show up.

The next year, the fair exploded with “2,500 people then to 3,000 the next year. Then we hit the 4,000 mark. Two years ago it was 4,500 people and last year it was 4,000,” and 84 employers, Padilla said.

He said he checks in with employers in the months after the fair to see how successful it was.

“In the five years I’ve done this, we’ve helped 2,173 people find new jobs,” he said. “It’s been a real success.”