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Pres should face consequences

When Presbyterian bills New Mexican patients, it pursues aggressive actions to collect. Yet when the company wants to avoid paying its bills to the state of New Mexico, it employs fraudulent and greedy cash grabs and manipulates regulators. That is unacceptable, and it means the Attorney General has to step in.

As Attorney General, I have the duty to protect the health, safety and well-being of all New Mexicans, especially children, seniors, and other vulnerable populations who rely heavily on the health care system. That is why I filed a lawsuit against Presbyterian Health Plan and other Presbyterian companies. Presbyterian defrauded New Mexican taxpayers by making false claims for tax deductions and unjustly enriching itself at the expense of working New Mexicans. Yet now that this wrongdoing has been exposed, Presbyterian refuses to take responsibility.

I am extremely concerned that Presbyterian would not only engage in the deliberate and systematic defrauding of New Mexicans, but that it would compound the issue with reckless and misleading public denials. New Mexicans deserve to know the truth about Presbyterian’s misconduct and refusal to pay its fair share.

Presbyterian unjustly enriched itself for years because it was able to stonewall and bully the regulators who were supposed to hold it accountable. I filed this lawsuit based on an independent investigation of whistleblowers’ claims. The records and evidence uncovered in this investigation indisputably show Presbyterian made claims for deductions that were not allowed by law. After years and years of illegal behavior, Presbyterian should not be surprised that it now faces legal action by the chief law enforcement office of the state of New Mexico.

Presbyterian exploited the taxpayers of New Mexico in a time of crisis. This corporation broke the rules and should face consequences for doing so. If Presbyterian wishes to do right by the people of New Mexico, it will make good on its legal obligations. This lawsuit is the first step in bringing accountability and transparency to Presbyterian, and any other companies that defraud our taxpayers.