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On the wing: Iration takes new direction on singles from coming album

Iration is plugging back in for its new music after going unplugged on its 2015 album, “Hotting Up.”

There is no tentative release date for the new album, but the band released a single from it called “Fly With Me” in May. Another single, “Borderline,” which the band recently performed at a show at the Santa Barbara Bowl, is also being played on stations around the country.

“It was one of the first songs we did, so it’s been finished for quite a long time,” Iration vocalist and guitarist Micah Pueschel said of “Fly With Me.” “We wanted to put something out that was kind of indicative of where the sound is going, and ‘Fly With Me’ is kind of a song that is not that far out there as some of the stuff that’s coming. It’s more of a true reggae song that has more of an ethereal vibe. It’s kind of more in the vein of what people expect from us somewhat. But I think it takes another step musically so I think that was the one that we wanted to do and kind of like prime everybody for what is coming up after that.”

Iration tries something new on each of its albums.

“(We are) definitely changing things up a lot rhythmically,” Pueschel said. “We added a horn player, a trumpet player, so there will be some kind of trumpet. We did have a song on the last album with some trumpet on it. This one, it will be a little bit more prominent. Topically, just as far as what the songs are about, is going to be slightly different. A little bit more of a worldview, a little bit more of a political view and just a slightly different approach, and I think that’s what people want when they listen to Iration. I don’t think they want to hear us recycling the same songs.”

Iration is continuing to work with producer and co-writer David Manzoor.

“He’s been kind of my co-writing partner for the last year or so, and since ‘Hotting Up’ we’ve been kind of writing together and coming up with new ideas and constantly trying to be creative, Pueschel said. “I’m really, really happy with where it’s going and the variety we’re coming up with and the sounds that we’re trying to explore and get into. It’s some new areas and new vicinity for the band that we’ve never been in before, and I think that’s what we always try to do every time we put out an album, we try to change it up a bit and evolve slightly and keep the same base layer, ideals of the band, just kind of push the boundaries a little bit.”