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Small-budget wonder: Mini-mockumentary web series focuses on characters with local ties

It’s tough to gain traction with a web series.

With the quality of film at an all-time high, “G.I.” Joe Lonesome is a New Mexico filmmaker proving that you don’t need a sky-high budget to make a high-quality product.

Since April, Lonesome and his crew have been putting out episodes of “OffSet WebSeries.”

The series is a mini-mockumentary that tells day-in-the-life stories of characters from films and local shows. It can be viewed on YouTube by searching “OffSet WebSeries” or on Facebook.

“We kind of spun off from the many projects in the state,” he says. “The episodes are short but fun. It’s really great to do.”

The episodes that have been released are “News Reporter,” “Gangsta G.I. Joe” and “Heisenberg.”

“Heisenberg” is taken from the series “Breaking Bad.” Lonesome found New Mexico actor Joe Griffenberg to play Heisenberg. The video was released April 20.

“It’s getting more and more popular,” he says of the series. “I came up with an idea to feature a new main actor on every single episode. What it brings to the community is a sense of importance. It’s a place where actors and crew members will get a chance to learn about the industry.”

Lonesome says producing the series, with little to no budget, can be a challenge.

The crew has to scout locations that are affordable and lock in dates as early as possible.

He’s also excited to help debut some actors.

“In our latest episode, we had an 11-year-old named Aiden,” he says. “This was his first role in front of the camera, and he did really well. It’s a jumping-off point for actors,because they can see how a production comes together.”

Lonesome hopes to have five episodes completed by the end of the year.

A budding filmmaker, Lonesome got his start in film while growing up in Albuquerque.

“I’ve been skateboarding for 20 years,” he says. “It was a big part of growing up. One of my homies when I was skating early on, he was a real inspiration for me. We used to do skate videos. That’s where it all started for me. I’ve been hooked ever since.”

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