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Hause party: Singer-songwriter touring in support of ‘Bury Me in Philly’

The fall season is going to be heavy for Dave Hause.

And it all begins with a run with Tiger Army for six weeks.

“We’re firing back up pretty hard,” he says in a recent phone interview. “It’s all different types of shows. Some are festivals. Others are supporting dates. And there are plenty of headlining ones.”

Hause was raised in Philadelphia and recently moved to California.

Along with that change, Hause also got married in July.

He is looking forward to seeing how it influences his music.

“The narrative will be interesting,” he says. “I’ve already begun writing the next album. We’ll see how it goes.”

But first, Hause is touring in support of his third solo record, “Bury Me in Philly.”

He says the album is a love letter to his hometown as well as the rock acts he grew up worshipping as a teen.

“Punk rock guilt is a real thing,” he says. “I like to make rock ‘n’ roll music because that’s what I love, and I don’t care if Zeppelin or the Stones aren’t cool to the punks. … It’s cool to me, and that’s what matters.”

During the writing process, Hause spent time in his California home and wrote about 40 songs – 11 of those made the album. The first track he wrote is the title track.

“I didn’t realize it, but it set the tone for the album,” he says. “One thing I was focused on was trying to make the songs more concise and uplifting than the last record. My last album was a divorce record. My life is a whole lot better now.”

As an independent musician, Hause is well-aware of the economics behind the career. He’s able to have a little more flexibility than most artists.

“I was talking to Chuck Ragan the other day,” he says. “It’s such a challenge to be a songwriter. You have to wear many different hats when it comes to music. You want the music to connect with one person at a time, but you also need it to attract a bigger audience. The one thing you will never find is me writing about the leader of America. These are my songs, and I want them to last even after he is gone. There are other artists like Chuck D or AntiFlag that can speak to that. My goal is to try and figure out how we maintain love among endless turmoil.”