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Bringing it home: Producer works to attract film business to New Mexico

Marika Day has worn a lot of hats in her journey in the film industry.

Yet the role she prefers is the one of the producer.

And she’s making strides in the film industry in creating projects for New Mexicans.

New Mexico producer Marika Day.

“My mentality is to get my fingers in everything I can,” she says. “Even if it wasn’t paid at the beginning, I gained experience just doing it. Anytime that anyone needs something, I want to be involved in it.”

Day and her company, M-Day Films LLC, will have three projects screening as part of ¡Cine Magnífico! at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. The films will screen during the New Mexico Short Films program at 7 p.m. Sept. 15.

The trailers for “Faster, Baby!” and “Stars in Me” will screen, as well as the short film “Love Thy Neighbor.”

She used to run around the neighborhood and create movies.

When she was 23, a friend coaxed her onto a movie set as a background actor.

“There were like 1,000 people on set,” she says. “I remember having this moment that I realized that being on set was what I am supposed to do.”

Day wanted to have a consistent career, so she stepped away from acting and got her first job as a production assistant.

It was there she was given the opportunity to work in various departments.

“Shortly after, I took the union classes to become a production coordinator,” she says. “Then I fell in love with the paperwork part of it.”

As a producer now, Day remains close to the set.

With “Faster, Baby!,” she was in pre-production for three months, and filming took place at the end of June.

The film tells the story of a father who has a daughter who died and explores the grieving process.

“It’s an art driven film that deals with emotion and loss,” Day says.

Day also wants to help move the film industry forward in the state.

She grew up in Santa Fe, and she hopes to remain in the state and bring bigger productions.

“There’s nothing more than I want to bring above the line departments locally and make it so people can sustain here on a regular basis,” she says.