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Santa Fe police release protest video

SANTA FE — The Santa Fe Police Department released lapel video of the protest of the Fiesta de Santa Fe Entrada Friday, including the arrest of a woman who is accused of hitting two police officers with a sign.

Also, a Santa Fe lawyer says a California man arrested during the event wasn’t protesting and was charged for wearing a bandana.

Jennifer Marley, 21, from San Ildefonso Pueblo and part of the Red Nation group, is charged with two counts of felony battery on a peace officer – for allegedly hitting officers with a protest sign – along with misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.


An officer’s lapel camera shows Entrada protester Jennifer Marley being rrested by Santa Fe police as a fellow protester tries to free her from the officer’s grip, on Friday in downtown Santa Fe after the Entrada reenactment.

In lapel video from officer Gerald Lovato, Marley can be seen trying to push through a police line across Lincoln Avenue. Officers retrain her after a brief struggle. But the alleged batteries with a sign can’t be seen in the video.

After two other officers took Marley to a booking area on Palace Avenue, Lovato went to Lt. Marvin Paulk and said Marley hit him, Lovato’s video shows. “The girl that got arrested, she hit me with her sign,” Lovato says, pointing toward his head. “I didn’t get hurt … but it’s still battery on a police officer. We’re going to charge her with a battery on a police officer.”

Lapel video from another officer shows Marley falling intentionally to the ground several times and asking what her charges are as police try to escort her to the booking area. Protesters begin chanting “Let her go,” and some start hurling insults at officers.

A man tells Lovato, “You cops justify it. You guys should be with us. … You guys are protecting the racists but you can’t protect the actual people?”

Officers keep ordering Marley to stand up, but she replies that she’s not moving until she can speak with her lawyer. “We’re going to have to carry her,” one officer says.

Marley eventually stands up and is escorted down Lincoln. “They’re (expletive) brutalizing me for nothing,” Marley says to a woman identified in a police report as a reporter. “Am I the prize? Am I the score?” Marley later asks police.

The Entrada is a reenactment of the Spanish re-occupation of Santa Fe in 1692, 12 years after the Pueblo Revolt, staged on the Plaza during the Fiesta de Santa Fe. About 150 people showed up to protest the event Friday. Police have not yet released video of the arrests of seven other protesters, all charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass.

California resident Julian Douglas Rodriguez, one of those charged, was visiting Santa Fe with his wife and had “no involvement whatsoever in the protest,” attorney Dan Cron said Tuesday.

“He was wearing a bandana on his forehead as a headband,” Cron said. “A police officer went up and told him to take it off, but he declined to do so, and they arrested him for criminal trespass. He was a tourist who was on the Plaza who wanted to eat a pork sandwich and listen to some Mariachi music.”

The criminal complaint against Douglas Rodriguez says he was unlawfully remaining in the Fiesta Council’s permit area without consent.