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APD: Thieves charged in U-haul, body theft

Daniel Gonzalez, 22 (MDC)

Anthony Serna, 22 (MDC)

Jeremy Soliz, 26 (MDC)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Police officially charged the men who stole a truck containing the remains of a dead relative on Monday in southeast Albuquerque, according to a police spokesman.

Officer Tanner Tixier of the Albuquerque Police Department said Jeremy Soliz, 26, Anthony Serna, 22, and Daniel Gonzales, 22, are all in custody on a no-bond hold for unlawful taking of a motor vehicle and conspiracy.

The suspects were arrested after a pursuit in which the stolen red Chevy Silverado pickup truck they were in almost crashed into an unmarked police vehicle around 9:30 a.m. Monday.

“All three subjects, who were still in custody from Monday’s arrest, were re-booked on the new warrants,” he said.

Before the pursuit, police say the three stole a black Chevy Trailblazer with a U-Haul trailer from the Residence Inn, near Yale and Gibson, early Monday.

The U-Haul held a man’s body being transported by family from Oklahoma to Kirtland for burial.

According to an arrest warrant filed in Metropolitan Court, the body was found after Serna told detectives where to find the U-haul, near the Puerto del Sol golf course at Gibson and Girard SE.

Soliz told police he wanted to call 911 to report the body once they found it in the U-Haul, but the other two suspects didn’t want to.

Gonzalez claimed he didn’t remember stealing the U-Haul and finding the body, according to the warrant.

“I then explained to Gonzalez that opening an U-Haul and finding a deceased body isn’t something he would have forgot,” an officer wrote. “Again he stated he didn’t remember.”