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UPDATED: DEA Raid Targeted National Spice Ring

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Drug Enforcement Administration raid on an Albuquerque business and several other locations yesterday was targeting a large Spice distribution ring, according to KRQE.

Sources told the station that two dozen federal agents arrived at Jefferson and McCleod NE to bust a shop that was hauling out millions of dollars worth of the drug.

Several homes around the city were also raided, and KRQE learned that the drug ring reaches from Utah to Buffalo, N.Y., where the synthetic marijuana was sold in delis.

Synthetic cannabis has been illegal in New Mexico since last year. There have been reports of some “smoke shops” redesigning the chemical ingredients of the drug in an effort to sidestep the ban. However, the bill that was passed last year bans “any material, compound, mixture or preparation that contains any quantity” of hallucinogens.

Read yesterday’s story of the raid here.


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