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Past perspective: Stone Sour mixes music from earlier years with newer material

Stone Sour keeps things fresh by revisiting its music from its earlier years and intertwining it with songs off its new album.

“I pay attention with what the fans say, and one of the songs that I’m completely stoked that we brought back is ‘Hesitate,’ ” said Josh Rand, Stone Sour guitarist and co-founder. “This was a huge song for us when (the album) ‘Audio Secrecy’ came out, and we haven’t played it since then. It’s been like 2010, 2011, since we played it. … That’s what you can expect (from this tour). A bigger production as far as the staging and stuff, as well as a mass diverse set list that includes every record that we’ve done and some of the album tracks.”

Returning to the band’s earlier music has made the band realize how much it’s changed.

“Every record we try to top the previous record and grow as artists and musicians,” Rand said. “We never want to release the same record over and over again. Going back to some of the older stuff, it’s just the approach. We put a different swing on stuff too. It’s not that we changed the song completely. For instance, ‘Cold Reader’ from the first album: The bass line that Johny (Chow) and the drums that Roy (Mayorga) are playing are different from the album version. It’s just a little bit more complex. But it doesn’t change necessarily the song; it just enhances it and makes it more groovy and better. We were pretty young when we did that first record so you learn all this stuff over the years.”

Stone Sour released two cover EPs over the past couple years, which set the tone for its new album, “Hydrograd,” released in June.

“We did a ton of stuff, and it was completely productive, and I attribute that to the fact of recording live as a group, the old new way,” Rand said. “And that’s just having fun with it. Really enjoying to be there. There was no conflict at all. Everybody’s goal was to make each song the best that it could be. Everybody was on the same page… It’s amazing to be like that 17 years of your career. It’s just crazy to me and I’m super appreciative that it’s that way.”