Sports Speak Up!

EVER SINCE Jerry told his boys that he’d bench anyone not standing for the national anthem, they’ve been pathetic. What do you Trumpers think? “Reverse Curse”?

— Rich, Corrales

SO FANS AT Azteca stadium in Cuidad de Mexico chanted Brady’s name all game and fawned over him, the Pats and coach B. Finally, at long last, we have a good reason to build the wall.

— Pablito, retains an attorney

HEY TOM: Why don’t you walk up and introduce yourself to Mr. Urlacher and tell him you don’t respect him and think he has a problem with masculinity? He’s in town from time to time, shouldn’t be a problem for a tough guy like you.

— Mark in Albq.

TUESDAY NIGHT my wife, my daughter (visiting from West Virginia), and I attended the Lobos vs. Tennessee Tech game. After the game my daughter, a WVU fan, commented that the Lobos press was far less aggressive than what she watches in West Virginia. Perhaps,Coach Weir should reach out to WVU Coach Huggins for advice.

— RM

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