Dems want to block border wall on state land

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SANTA FE — Seven Democrats in the state House are proposing to bar construction of President Trump’s border wall on state land.

They called the wall a “gimmick” and a “political ploy” that would damage New Mexico’s environment and trade with Mexico.

“We all know a wall is ineffective in terms of security,” Rep. Bill McCamley, D-Las Cruces, said at a news conference. “… This is a 12th century solution to a 21st century problem.”

The governor must add the proposal to the agenda for it to be considered this session.

Joining McCamley to sponsor the bill are Democratic Reps. Javier Martinez of Albuquerque, Angelica Rubio of Las Cruces, Stephanie Garcia Richard of White Rock, Joanne Ferrary of Las Cruces, Christine Trujillo of Albuquerque and Linda Trujillo of Santa Fe.

New Mexico shares a 160-mile border with Mexico, roughly 22 miles of which is state-owned land in the Bootheel area.

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