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Review: Resistance 2 (Playstation 3)

The Chimeran war comes home to America in Resistance 2, the followup to the Playstation 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man.

The first encounter with the alien invasion occurred in 2006. The setting in that game was England, circa 1950, with American soldier Nathan Hale leading the fight.

In Resistance 2, the war spreads to the United States, but Hale is still the central focus in the fight. Hale is also still infected with the Chimeran virus and without regular doses of chemical inhibitors, will begin transforming into one of the Chimera.

While the principal foes return in this game, several new breeds invade, such as the Chameleons — beasts who kill with one blow and are invisible until pouncing; the zombie-like Grim — incubated in cocoons and the huge Leviathan — many stories tall.

Battles play out across the American landscape, with action in San Francisco, Utah, Idaho, Chicago and other locales.

With a generous mix of 1950-era and futuristic weaponry, the game offers an alternate history, where humans are more concerned about survival than petty border disputes.

Facing almost impossible odds, Hale and his comrades take the fight to the Chimera, often turning the alien firepower against them.

The alien weaponry is defintiely cooler than the run-of-the-mill shotguns and rifles the humans carry.

There’s the Bullseye, in which you use your secondary fire mode to tag your target. Firing the main weapon causes all of the ammo to home in on your victim, even if they’re hiding. Then there’s the new Splicer, which fires spinning electromagnetic saw blades that are efficient at dismembering several enemies at once.

Action is nearly constant, technically solid and at times gruelingly difficult. Hale technically never dies (only using the Chimeran virus to regenerate), but you will see the red-tinged death screen many times during your battles.

Multiplayer shines in the game, with matches online of up to 60 players. Gameplay is smooth, with virtually no lag or other hiccups, even with that many scattered across the maps.

Multiplayer offers both cooperative and competitive matches. Competitive multiplayer game types are deathmatch, team deathmatch, skirmish and core control.

The deathmatch gametypes are self-explanatory. Core control is a variation of capture-the-flag, with one player grabbing the opposing team’s power core and trying to take it to his base. In skirmish, the 60 players online are broken up into small squads, each with specific missions. Several missions can be completed during a match in this mode.

Cooperative gameplay is available for up to eight players, working to complete levels by assuming complementary classes. Two players can also play this mode in split-screen offline action.

Resistance 2 presents a story that is grand in scale and is visually impressive and it is supported by gameplay that is engaging and smart. The game brings to the Playstation 3 a standout first-person shooter, something the platform sorely needs.

Rating: Mature

Score: 9.5 smoking chilies.






















































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