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Sports Speak Up!

MR. NUÑEZ: I applaud Coach Paul Weir’s attempts at creating a basketball program that has a winning attitude and develops players to be good athletes androle models. (But) I believe the public deserves to know why Troy Simons, an African-American athlete deserved a five game suspension while Joe Furstinger only gets a one-game suspension for bad behavior on the basketball court. Understand that I am an old, bald white man, not an angry African-American, but under the current atmosphere of racial injustice this disparity in punishment appears to be unjust and adds fuel to the fire.
— Bill Blackler
… THIS IS RIDICULOUS and is discrimination to say the least! This stinks and obviously coach Weir has lost control of his players, regardless of what he says in post-game interviews. No one wants to speak up but I will!
— DS, Los Lunas
SLAP ON THE WRIST: Since our (UNM) basketball coach is OK with the Mountain West Conference handling a one-game suspension for a star basketball player, what’s next? This was a criminal act out of desperation that UNM lost another basketball game. … Perhaps losing the basketball scholarship would be incentive enough for all athletes to conduct themselves appropriately on and off the court.
— tf
SO UNM BOARD of Regent’s president, Rob Doughty, wants UNM to forgive the $4.7M debt the Athletic Department has incurred! And the same for the UNM Press to the tune of $7M. What about the debt the College of Arts and Sciences carries? Is he willing to forgive that as well? This is so irresponsible! The Athletic Department has a terrible track record of failing to spend within their means, and their feet most definitely need to be held to the fire. …
— Bob, UNM Area
SHAME ON Shani Davis for his tweet about the process used took pick the USA Winter Olympic Team Flagbearer.  To suggest racism had a role in it is patently absurd. This type of thing is why racism won’t die, and is perpetuated.  In the immortal words of Morgan Freeman in response to Mike Wallaces question on how to end racism “Stop talking about it.” Now I’m done talking about it.


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