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Sports Speak Up! Reader applauds Lobo women’s performance

FOUR FABULOUS Seniors, Exemplary Athletes and Student-Athletes. Four Precocious Freshmen, Skilled and Quick, an able supporting cast. Four Devoted, Intense, Focused Coaches, Bringing Out the Best in each and every player. Jaisa Nunn, a workhorse and winner, she played the role of four post players. Senior night was perfect. Thanks for the memories, see you next week in Vegas!

— An Appreciative Long-time Fan

YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY right PIB. Best high school basketball tournament ever, conceived in 1910 in the state of Indiana, is all-in, single elimination. Get rid of the district tournaments. Has nothing to do with PC. Never got a ribbon for my efforts.

— TL, former Hoosier

ANYONE WHO IS unfortunate to sit near Rudy the attorney at a football or basketball game knows he’s a whiny obnoxious fan with zero class. Keep supporting UNM but try to act like an adult.

— Lobo Sportsdvl

GOING ON A first date with a woman who said she liked sports, I thought a good ice-breaker might be the Lobos’ baseball home opener this past Thursday night vs. Central Michigan. After 4 hours and 15 minutes in what could be described as a cool environment, the Lobos won 20-9. I asked her if she would like to go to Friday night’s game as the wind was predicted to settle down to 15 mph. She said she’d let me know. I haven’t heard back. I don’t understand why she’s giving me the cold shoulder.

— Lobo Solo


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