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ABQ Way Down on List for Dating Potential

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Daily Beast’s rankings of the nation’s 104 largest cities has Albuquerque at 61st

It’s a bad omen for Valentine’s Day.

In a nationwide ranking of dating potential in the nation’s 104 largest cities posted this week on The Daily Beast, we’re ranked 61st.

No. 61? Really? What do Cleveland (No. 25) or even El Paso (No. 57) have that we don’t? Apparently a social life.


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The survey took into account five criteria: Singles ratio, social life, emotional health, marriage and divorce ratios. We’re a C in the singles, marriage and divorce categories. We’re an A in the emotional health category. It’s that social life category, where we didn’t even get an E for effort, that failed us.

Sure, the survey may have been posted by a Web site more known for its coverage of Fashion Week and Charlie Sheen’s dalliances, but local singles tend to think it’s on the money.

“I’m not entirely surprised,” said Paige Thompson, a 20-year-old University of New Mexico student. “I wouldn’t say it’s hard to find a date, but it’s hard to find something to do. We only have one movie theater,” she said sarcastically, “and tickets are $10.50 … then it’s a $50 date, then you’re broke and single.”

But, said UNM law student James Montalbano, “We tend to be an insular town, and we stick to our neighborhoods. We’re not desperate; we’re just biding our time.”

The top three towns on the list are all in Southern California: Long Beach, Anaheim and Santa Ana, in that order. They are followed by Seattle and Miami.

Albuquerque is the only New Mexico city on the list.

“It sounds like, according this study, we should be going to Southern California,” said Gail Rubin, author of “A Girl’s Pocket Guide to Trouser Trout,” a dating advice book. Rubin, of Albuquerque, said, “A lot of women told me it is tough in this town to hook up with guys on the social scene. I can see why we’re below the 50 mark in Albuquerque. It’s tough fishing.”

Others, though, are going to make the best of this Valentine’s Day, even if they’re single.


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Nicole Ramirez and Sonya Gonzales, two UNM students, will spend the day together as friends.

“We’re each other’s dates. We’ll probably go to dinner,” Ramirez said.

But, said UNM student Aaron Aguilar, if you’re open, Albuquerque is fertile ground.

“I have an active dating life. I’m polyamorous and kinky, and that opens up a lot more doors,” Aguilar said.

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