Speak Up (About Randy Harrison’s commentary on UNM Athletics)

RANDY HARRISON’S May 13th article regarding cutting the UNM sports budget was disgusting by comparing it to the movie “Sophie’s Choice.” How does eliminating a UNM sport ever compare to life and death decisions in a Nazi concentration camp? It does not! – Stavros 

OK, WE have seen a snapshot of roughly how much each sport is costing the UNM Athletic budget. Now let’s look to see how big a piece of the athletic budget is carved out for the administration. I bet there is some fat that could be trimmed from that slice of the budget. And while we are at it, compare the administrative portion to other MWC school’s administrative budgets.

– jpb

MUST BE nice running a sports page. You can write editorials loading up reasons to get rid of the football program, fail to inform the public that most mid majors get more financial support from their main campuses than UNM and second guess how the athletic dept is run. Here’s hoping UNM cuts football so ABQ and the Journal get the podunk sports program they deserve. Enjoy covering & supporting Lobo sports in the WAC!

– Dplante

RANDY HARRISON, your article in the Sunday AJ, where you compare cutting a sport(s) at UNM to picking one child to live and one to die, shows your arrogance and ignorance, as Sports Editor, which should now include the preface of “Former” in your title. It is not a life or death issue, it’s only a scholarship, game or competition that will be lost. The athletes whose sport(s) get cut will survive. That’s one of the life lessons sports teaches; you get knocked down or defeated, you get up and move on.


WHAT WAS missing from the story about cutting sports is the positive aspects of Lobo Football. Why wasn’t the school-record 16 wins in two years mentioned? Only last year’s record. The focus on losing is unfair. All teams lose. Why people think it is fashionable to pound on student athletes for trying to better themselves and this community is truly sad. Try this instead. Pick one game and take your family. If you haven’t been to a Lobo football game, you don’t know what you are missing.

– Rudy Chavez

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