Drought conditions reach severe status

OKLAHOMA CITY – Lack of rainfall and above-average temperatures are prolonging the drought conditions that have stressed crops and rangelands and placed new pressures on groundwater sources across the U.S. Southern Plains including in New Mexico, climatologists from the region said Monday.

Pictured is the dry river bed near the Bosque just south of Cesar Chavez showing the dryness of the area near the river.
(Roberto E. Rosales/Albuquerque Journal)

While some areas of the Texas Panhandle, southwestern Oklahoma and New Mexico have received plentiful precipitation in recent days, other parts of those states plus Colorado and Kansas have experienced only spotty precipitation since October, New Mexico State Climatologist Dave Dubois said during a national briefing.

“Over the majority of the area it’s been pretty light,” DuBois said.

Drought conditions are so severe across much of the Southwest that they rival those during the disastrous Dust Bowl period of the 1930s, when severe dust storms killed livestock and caused crops to fail.

Oklahoma State Climatologist Gary McManus said some climatological stations in the western part of his state have recorded less than 2 inches of rain since October.

“Some of those stations are pegging the driest seven to eight months on record for those locations,” McManus said.

DuBois said the region’s low rainfall totals have been aggravated by temperatures that he said have been as much as 10 degrees above normal during the past couple of weeks. Higher temperatures cause what little rain that does fall to evaporate rather than soak into the ground and recharge water tables.

“Drought is not just precipitation, it’s a bunch of things,” DuBois said.

Less-than-normal rainfall affects the viability of vegetation in the region, including fields cultivated by the region’s farmers and open prairies that provide habitat for wildlife, DuBois said.

“That’s a big concern with croplands and also rangelands,” DuBois said. “There’s a lot more stress on our plant systems.”

Precipitation generally increases across the region during the winter and spring months as rainfall and snowmelt replenish water supplies, but DuBois said the Southern Plains have received “very little to no runoff” from snow this year.

Consequently, farmers and ranchers are being forced to rely more heavily on groundwater supplies, which could lead to a decline in the levels of many water wells.

“Irrigation can jump significantly in drought years,” DuBois said.

Dubois said the months from July to September could relieve the worst of the drought conditions in New Mexico and elsewhere in the arid Southwest, when monsoonal rains traditionally saturate the region.

“The further you go west, the further influence you get from monsoon,” DuBois said.


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