Pearce: Youngblood should look constituents ‘in the eye’

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Rep. Monica Youngblood

SANTA FE — State Rep. Monica Youngblood has faced at least one call to resign — by a fellow Republican, Michael Hendricks, a candidate for attorney general — following her arrest on an aggravated DWI charge.

Now Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Pearce says Youngblood should look her constituents in the eye and decide how to proceed.

“DWI is a very serious problem in New Mexico and the law must be enforced without favoritism,” Pearce said. “Monica Youngblood needs to meet with her constituents, look them in the eye, and together decide what is right.”

Youngblood, 41, was arrested at a sobriety checkpoint in Albuquerque early Sunday.

She says she wasn’t drinking.

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