Local golf: Muttitt tips on how to hit a knockdown shot

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David Muttitt, first assistant pro at Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club, will be among those playing the PGA Championship beginning today. He has been grouped with former Lobo Charlie Beljan. (Marla Brose/Albuquerque Journal)

Here’s how to hit the knockdown shot, or hitting the knockdown into the wind.

Knockdown shots are typically played with the ball farther back in the golfer’s stance, and with a shorter backswing and shorter follow-through; and with less loft.

There are a few things to remember when hitting this shot.

First of all, put your hands further ahead than normal and keep a little more weight on your front foot. It is important to take more club and make sure you swing easier and smoothly.

The harder you swing, the more spin you will put on the ball and the wind will kill it.

Another way to keep the spin down is to shallow out the angle of attack. A good feeling is like you are hitting the ball without taking a divot.

As with any shot, it is extremely important that you rotate through the shot fully. If the body stops rotating, the club will keep going, the hands will close the club head and the ball goes left.

Finally, a shorter follow-through will help keep the ball down.

A good drill to shallow out the attack angle is to tee up a 7-iron like a driver and try to hit it solid.

— David Muttitt, PGA Professional, Los Altos Golf Course

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