Speak Up! (More on UNM sports cuts and UNM football)

NOW THAT UNM athletic director Eddie Nuñez and his staff will have less sports, coaches and student athletes to oversee in fiscal year 2019-2020, I suggest the salaries they are paid should be reduced on a pro rata basis to reflect the lesser workload and responsibilities they will all have from that point forward. – Kent Livingston

TO ALLAN father of an attorney, Liberty U is a D-1 independent like BYU, Army, Idaho and now NMSU. In fact, NMSU is playing Liberty twice this year. Incarnate Word is like a D-2 school from the Southland Conference. Alabama has powerhouses Arkansas State, Louisiana Lafayette and Citadel on its home schedule. I’d bet Alabama fans aren’t boycotting buying tickets due to their scheduling three FCS schools.

– Detnalp

LOBO FOOTBALL reality check – This will be coach Davie’s seventh year and he still has not figured out that he needs a real defense. His offense was adequate but he chose to try and “fix” it. Since Bill Weeks took over for Marv Levy we real Lobo football fans (not the attorney and not the Vol) have been waiting for a good coach (Morrison and Franchione were good but they left) and I guess the waiting will continue.

– Jonathan A. in Moriarty

GOOD STORY about the shortage of officials for NMAA events, but it did not address the “WHY.” Anyone who has attended a high school sporting event in the past decade has witnessed the harassment of officials by players, coaches, and fans (especially fans.) Unless you are totally dedicated to the sport, no one wants to put up with the abuse.

– Joe, ABQ

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