Lindsey Stirling, Evanescence put on a powerful show

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Lindsey Stirling made her New Mexico debut on Tuesday night at Isleta Amphitheater. (Courtesy of Shervin Lainez)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Lindsey Stirling and Amy Lee simply shined.

The two performers each put on a stellar set on Tuesday night at Isleta Amphitheater.

Backed by an orchestra — which featured all New Mexico players — it was a visual and aural experience.

In an earlier interview, Stirling told me that everything in her show had a purpose.

And it rang true.

Stirling worked on the tour for months and created a story arc that resonated with the crowd.

From dancing alongside her four dancers to costume changes, she did it all — without missing a step. She even moonwalked across the stage, while playing her violin. That’s talent.

Starting off with songs like “Moon Trance” and “Shadows,” she had the crowd from the get go.

During the song, “Shatter Me,” Stirling was joined by Lee.

The two stood separately in these blue orbs, while a dancer performed between them.

It was visually stunning and created a nice high early on in the show.

Stirling soared through songs like “Take Flight” and “Crystallize.”

Then she took a moment to talk with the crowd about her first time performing in New Mexico.

Being an Arizona native, Stirling said she felt like she was home. Of course, the crowd loved the personal attention.

She also delved into her struggles in college with anorexia and body image and the steps she’s taken to bring more positivity into her life.

Stirling has definitely grown into her own as a performer. She started her journey by making YouTube videos. A decade later, the violinist proves that she belongs in music.

She also took a heartfelt — and funny moment — to show a video of her from 2002 as she made a video with her friends to Evanescence’s breakthrough song, “Bring Me To Life.”

“I’m a huge fan,” she told the audience.

After an intermission it was Lee’s and Evanescence’s time to shine.

Starting with an overture and “Never Go Back,” the band quickly slipped into “Lacrymosa.”

The set was different from what most fans are used to.

And having the backing from a full orchestra perfectly fit Lee. The Grammy winner was made for this setting.

At times, she showed her piano skills, which were clearly on point.

She’d then get up to take center stage, grab the mic, and command the near capacity audience.

By the seventh song, the opening notes for “Bring Me To Life” were played and the crowd’s energy shifted.

Lee’s voice is like no other — strong and compelling.

A few songs later, she slowed down the show, told the audience that the next track is one that brings her joy in today’s tumultuous times.

She covered The Beatles’ “Across the Universe” flawlessly.

After the song, the band went into the single, “Hi Lo,” and Stirling was brought back on stage.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete set without the crossover hit, “My Immortal,” which remains one of the most beautiful and raw songs from the last two decades.

Stirling and Lee have formed a friendship on this tour and it’s fantastic to see two powerful women command the stage.

For those that were in attendance, it was something different. I think that was the idea behind the co-headlining tour.

And being different is always perfection.

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