Small scale paintings by Dali to go on exhibit in Dallas

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This Sept. 5, 2018 photo provided by the Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University shows visitors looking at a Salvador Dali painting during an exhibit preview at the University's Meadows Museum in Dallas. The painting is part of an exhibit featuring the surrealist's lesser-known small scale paintings titled "Dali: Poetics of the Small," which opens Sunday. (Guy Rogers III/Meadows Museum/Southern Methodist University via AP)

DALLAS — A new exhibit at a Dallas museum will feature surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s lesser-known small scale paintings.

Nearly two dozen paintings — some as small as 3 by 2 inches (7 by 5 centimeters) — will be included in the exhibit “Dali: Poetics of the Small,” which opens Sunday at Southern Methodist University’s Meadows Museum .

Museum director Mark Roglan says that in producing so many small-scale paintings it is clear Dali saw the size as important and recognized the viewer’s eyes are drawn to details differently in such a scale.

The small works were painted from 1929 to 1936, at the height of Dali’s career.

Roglan says despite Dali’s global reputation, there’s still a lot to learn about his artistic development.

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