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Talking Grammer, Ep. 19: Part 1 with Lobo hoops coach Paul Weir

As Paul Weir enters season two of his tenure as head coach of the Lobos basketball program, I ask him for some big picture assessments of what he accomplished in his first season, what he regrets and what should fans expect from him and his team in the coming 2018-19 season.

This and an archive of all Talking Grammer podcasts can be found HERE.

Here’s a rough breakdown of Episode 19:

• 5:15 – What does Paul know about coaching the Lobos he didn’t know one year ago?

“Whether this is the effects of a honeymoon stage or period, I don’t know. But I think I was more than pleasantly surprised with the support I got from the fan base. Now, honeymoon phase? I don’t know. But I was expecting, particularly when things weren’t going very well or even little things didn’t go very well, the boo birds and everything to come out. And that was just part of coaching the Lobos, that you had to go through that. Not once did I ever really feel that way. I felt nothing but support from fans, from emails, from people you run into, where ever it may be.”

• 7:15 – Did the good finish last season create unrealistic expectations in year 2?

“In the back of my mind, I’m aware this is a process and this will take some time, but I understand what the end of last year did. It probably threw a lot of reality out the window and sped up the entire process.”

• 9:40 – What regret do you have about last season?

“It’s hard to say because anything I potentially did do wrong or we did wrong ended up allowing us to get to the path that we got to toward the end of the year. … I believe in that, so I do think things happen for reasons and then it’s up to us to adapt and make the best decisions we can. … But it’s hard to regret seeing where it all ended up when it was all said and done.”

• 12:20 – What is reasonable for fans to expect this season?

“I think this program, when all the constituencies are in the right place, is a national basketball program. I think that it has the capability to be in an NCAA Tournament or, if not, very close to it on an annual basis given variables that come into that. … And if I, for some reason, can’t get there, that’s on me. That’s not on other things. That’s my responsibility to hopefully get us to that point.”

• 19:00 – Do you spread yourself too thin? Should you focus solely on coaching?

“The Pit is only the Pit because of the amount of people that walk into the Pit. What makes Lobo basketball special is just the volume of people that just care. And, for me, I’m trying to embrace or open my arms up to that to bring them in because we need that to bring Lobo basketball the best it can be. That is our strength. Our strength is our people. Our strength is our volume. Our strength is the number of people in the community that really love Lobo basketball and I feel as though a) that’s something as a head coach I really need to be thinking about anyway, and b) this particular job we need these people. We need all these people to want to be a part of Lobo basketball to make it great.”