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Alamogordo ‘Spice’ Law in Effect Friday

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An ordinance that will allow Alamogordo authorities to use graduated sanctions against businesses that sell synthetic cannabinoids will take effect on Friday, the Alamogordo Daily News reported.

City Ordinance 1422 — the so-called “Spice Ordinance” — got final approval at the last Alamogordo City Commission meeting and will allow police to seize suspected synthetic cannabis from businesses, seizing their inventory on a first offense, the Daily News said.

A business can be shut down for three days on a second offense, and a third offense can lead to revocation of a business license for one year, the paper reported.

“Spice” refers to chemicals that purportedly mimic the effects of marijuana, sold under different brand names such as K2, Yucatan Fire, Spike 99 and Fusion, the News said. The products are often marketed as incense and labeled “not fit for human consumption.”


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