Sports Speak Up! – Lobo fans revel in upset of No. 6 Nevada

I GUESS Eric Musselman’s daddy wasn’t the only Mussleman kicked out of DreamStyle Arena/The PIT!

— R Chavez

WOW, WHAT a game to have a recruit in the house! Who wouldn’t want to be part of this?! Certainly one of the top 5 most exciting games in my 40+ years watching Lobo basketball. More importantly, this game was a most needed confidence builder after their shaky start to the season. Couldn’t have come at a better time, early in conference play. This proves the Lobos can compete with any team in the MWC, capable of winning it all.

— Bob, UNM Area

THE UNIVERSITY of Nevada coach claims the team wasn’t itself in a loss to the Lobos in the Pit. I suppose the Lobo defense and the Pit crowd had nothing to do with it. He claims they couldn’t make foul shots and they couldn’t make other shots. I suppose the Pit crowd and the Lobo defense had nothing to do with it. He also blamed the loss on the lack of effort. I was there and they simply got badly beat by a better team that night. What’s their excuse going to be when they start losing in conference play?!

— DS, Los Lunas

BIG STEP, men! Best thing was the video of the team dousing the coach in the locker room. This kind of spirit and camaraderie is vital to a team’s success. Congratulations to Coach Weir for having the courage to adjust his philosophy and to the kids and the coaching staff for working hard to make it all come together. Proud of all of them!

— Bill

NOW THAT’S what I’m talkin’ bout!! The Pit was finally the way it used to be — full of energy from the players and the crowd. As Coach Weir said, “Let the Pit be the Pit,” keep it loud!! Keep that Zone Defense!

— Vicki C, Season ticket holder since the Pit was built

FIFTEEN-POINT UNDERDOGS in the Pit? Unheard of. Very few people gave the Lobos a chance to win the game vs. Nevada. We can take out and wear our Lobo gear again (at least for a few days), since much of it has been stored since the NMSU debacle in Las Cruces (sure would like to have another chance at the Aggies now). Never thought I’d see the day when Lobo fans would storm the court for a win over Nevada. Sweet revenge for the 25-point comeback loss (still can’t believe that, Noodles). It’s all good (for now, anyway).

— JJ