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License Plate Least of Problems

I’m glad to see the State putting its full legal resources behind trying to remove the morally dangerous license plate “IB6UB9” from our streets.

Our kids are dropping out of school and into prison, our roads are crumbling and our water supplies are about to be fracked, but resolving these issues will mean nothing if our kids are driven into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy by this dangerous message on our public highways.

I assume that the state’s legal team has taken care of the even more serious problem of T-shirts and bumper stickers with the “F” word, before tackling this license plate issue.


Santa Fe

Let’s Focus On Bigger Issues

I am shocked and disgusted at the time, energy (and probably legal fees) being taken up in the ridiculous attempt to ban the “69”-referenced license plate. If people want to get into a moral outrage, it would be far more productive to get out there and work on awareness and combating child abuse, sex-trafficking, child pornography, domestic violence, etc. There are real ills in our society that are completely obscene, and are harming innocent individuals every day, right here in New Mexico. If you don’t like some silly license plate, look the other way.


Santa Fe

Drug Addict Turned His Life Around

I recently had the good fortune to reconnect with a friend from my youth. We sat and spoke for many hours during our reunion, and the familiarity and friendship was as beautifully innocent as it had been those 30-plus years before. We first meandered politely through the generic updates of kids and friends, but eventually the conversation became real. As is usually the case, each of our paths had taken us in directions neither of us could have imagined and in the case of my friend, his path led to places so dark nightmares would be child’s play in comparison.

My friend found himself in the starring role of an incredibly gifted and gentle teen whose use of recreational drugs escalated to addictions that nearly cost him his life at the hands of greedy drug lords and the products they so eagerly supplied. His family suffered, his health suffered and he lived while his loved ones and friends died around him. When he could go no lower, he found himself on the threshold of Hell and he began to turn his life around.

He is now three years clean with a successful career behind the scenes of well-known television productions. He is surrounded by his children and his health is that of a 16-year-old again, despite the decades of deprivation and abuse.

I write all this because I found myself in traffic today and a young man, maybe 17, was at a corner with a suitcase and a plea on a piece of torn cardboard. He was so thin — the kind of thin that is partially genetic but mostly just hungry. As I waited for the light to change, I thought if he can live just one more day and then the next day and then the next, he might get through this and stand on the other side with joy and love and success, just as my friend has after many, many just-one-more days. I then handed him everything I had in my wallet and cried as I drove away.


Santa Fe