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Bluewater Village Without Water Again

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — For the third time this month, residents of Bluewater Village have found themselves without water, and the Cibola Beacon reported Thursday that the village been dry since Monday.

The Bluewater Water and Sanitation District has been struggling with its one pump for several months, and according to the district’s bookkeeper Lynette Garden, the water table has dropped, the Beacon said.

“The village water district is not giving an estimated time of when the water will be back on,” Garden told the Beacon this week. “We are running into some challenges, and the contractors are doing the best job they could.”

It will cost an estimated $60,000 to repair the Bluewater Village pump house and that would still leave the village with one pump, the paper reported.

Garden said water use by village residents has increased “drastically” since 2010, the Beacon said.

“That is why the pump had to be lowered,” Garden told the paper. “Residents need to realize we are in a drought, and their use needs to be limited. Using too much water brings its own challenges.”

In the meantime, the Grants firm POTCO has had a water truck at the Bluewater Village community center since Monday so residents can fill containers as needed, the Beacon said. Cibola County is paying to provide the service from POTCO, which is also providing port-a-potties.


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