A Self-Wealth Creator

THE PRESIDENTIAL campaign is understandably focused on jobs. Mitt Romney has put himself forward as knowing how to create jobs. But just what are his credentials?

Romney is a venture capitalist. The one and only goal of a venture capitalist is to make money. Not to create jobs. Not to enhance the public interest. No other purpose.


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Venture capitalists buy companies using mostly borrowed money, make changes to improve their profitability and then try to sell them at a profit. Sometimes jobs are lost, sometimes job are gained, but this is not the object. The goal remains to make a profit for the venture capitalist.

Romney has apparently become immensely wealthy doing just this. But it offers no proof that he knows anything about job creation.



The Great Tax Ruse

I DON’T remember hearing anything about tax returns when JFK ran for president. Everyone knew his father had set up tax shelters for his family. What about John Kerry? He sure didn’t want to pay taxes on his boat, and he didn’t work for his money like Romney has. What about Al Gore? He didn’t work for his money. Why is it all right for Democrats to have money, but not Republicans?

The Democratic Party is so scared they will say and do anything to try to discredit the Republicans. They have nothing to run on. That’s why they are so filled with hate and lies. I don’t think the American people are that stupid to vote Obama in for another four years.



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Candidate Sans a Plan

I HAVE JUST finished reading Romney’s energy policy proposals, and I now realize that it will be difficult even for Republicans to vote for him because it is obvious that whatever he learned at Bain Capital did not include the inner workings of “free market capitalism” as practiced in America. He says the Keystone Pipeline must go ahead immediately without knowing that the reason the pipeline is being built is so the Alberta tar sands can be sent directly to Houston for shipping overseas to the highest bidder. If that oil was intended for the U.S., it could be sent to any of a number of refineries in the upper Midwest for refining and distribution, thus cutting transportation costs. Drilling for oil in Alaska, offshore and in the National Parks will take at least a decade, if ever, because of the accessibility problems.

He is pushing natural gas and says he will relax the environmental restrictions that are currently in place. That certainly is a promising development, what with all of the concern over the nation’s rapidly shrinking supply of fresh water. It also would serve as a clandestine population control program, I suppose. I’m sure the private sector would quickly develop new earthquake insurance programs to serve those in the fracking areas like north Texas and eastern Ohio, which are seeing dramatic land shifts due to the contaminated water disposal techniques currently employed.

Coal! Yes, coal is another arm of his octopus, but he apparently does not realize that mine owners are not necessarily patriots. For instance, the coal being stripped out of Montana today has already been sold to the Chinese and the mountain-top erasers of West Virginia and Kentucky have just signed a 25-year contract to ship their coal to India.

Wind and solar? Barely a mention except to say their development subsidies will end in his administration. The two energy sources with the only sustainable futures will be largely ignored by a Republican administration. If only they would contribute money — campaign money — but business is business, after all.




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Prospects Are Bleak

TWO VOTES for Obama — his and his wife’s — are the only votes he should rationally receive, because it is only they who will benefit because 100 percent of the rest of us will be absolutely penalized in some way.

“Tax the rich” will never happen because most, if not all, of the legislators are “the rich” themselves and will hardly welcome that; good bumper sticker.

Any health care overhaul that is not single-payer is simply written for the lobbyists, and not for the benefit of the citizens. Why is that so hard for Washington to grasp? Mmm, money comes to mind.

“Flat tax” is opposed only by the lawyers and accountants; it would clearly benefit all citizens and eliminate the tax-preparation wasted-dollars. Who do the politicians work for? Not us.

“Jobs” are never created by any administration — unless it is more government jobs that produce nothing but hindrances and stumbling blocks for business growth. …

“Welfare” is being collected by all politicians — and millions of citizens — for doing nothing productive; that should never be applauded by any administration, but it sure is.

Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., fears Guam will tip, and Rep. Todd Aiken, R-Mo., believes women have a built-in rape shut-off switch. Voters elected these idiots, so the outcome is assured, and it’s not good.


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I’m voting against all incumbents and for anyone who can replace Obama. The inheritance to my heirs cannot sustain my kids, grandkids, or great-grandkids as long as Washington continues to suck more and more of my money.



Silence Is Deafening

SO MITT ROMNEY cracked a joke about President Obama’s place of birth, a not-so-silent dog whistle, whose purpose is to fire up the base of the Republican Party, many of whom do not accept the president as a natural-born citizen. Well, at least Obama released his actual birth certificate, which is all that he can do to silence the doubters.

Which raises the question: Why does Romney not do the same with his tax returns for the past 10 years? It is already clear that he pays a lower tax rate than average middle-class Americans, but there are legitimate suspicions that he may have paid no taxes during some of those years, despite having a huge income. If those suspicions are false, then Romney could easily put them to rest by releasing his tax returns, just as every other presidential candidate has done in recent years. His failure to do so is not a dog whistle, but a loud siren, signaling American voters that he has something to hide.




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Money Acumen Lacking

PRESIDENT OBAMA thinks he has done a wonderful job as president. But I will not be voting for him!

I am not a Democrat or a Republican, I am an independent. I am retired and derive some income from interest earnings on certificates of deposit. All CD money was invested at an average rate of 4.65 percent prior to Obama being elected, and by the way, the money in question is money I earned — it was not inherited or a gift.

Some CDs have matured in 2012, the rest will mature in 2013. Today the best CD rate I’ve seen is 2.00 percent for a five-year CD. A 2.00 percent CD in the amount of $100,000 would earn $2,000 a year. A 2.00 percent CD in the amount of $500,000 would earn $10,000 a year.

We need a president who can and will generate a budget and who understands money, not someone who just spends money.



Mitt & His Wehrmacht


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MITT ROMNEY’S policy speech in Israel was a paragon of diplomatic recklessness. He pointedly called Jerusalem the capital of Israel, a declaration that presidents of both parties have avoided for decades. Israel, which annexed the largely Arab eastern sector after the 1967 Six-Day War, claims both halves of the city, while the Palestinians want the eastern sector as their capital. Most of the international community, including the United States, does not formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, insisting the issue can be resolved only through final-status negotiations.

Beyond that, Romney’s senior policy adviser all but gave the Netanyahu administration the green light for a pre-emptive strike on Iran when he said Romney would respect that decision. Israel is already engaged in an under-the-radar war with Iran through a widely acknowledged covert terrorist campaign aimed at destroying Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. As many as eight of Iran’s leading nuclear scientists have been assassinated in the last five years, reportedly by Mossad operatives.

Any attack by Israel will be universally blamed on the United States as having used Israel as its proxy and widely condemned, especially in the Middle East. The destabilizing consequences of a pre-emptive strike on Iran would be even more unpredictable than those following the beginning of the war in Iraq.

More dangerously, Romney’s views signal a return to the hard-line foreign policy views espoused by the last Bush administration. In fact, Romney’s foreign policy advisers include architects of the needless war in Iraq, neo-cons Robert Kagan and Eliot Cohen, to name just two. Colin Powell, a former secretary of state, observed that “Some of are quite far to the right.”

Romney recently told the Veterans of Foreign Wars that he wants to increase defense spending by $2.1 trillion in the next 10 years. So, I’m wondering what military adventures do Mitt Romney and his advisers have in mind?


Santa Fe

Pay Attention, Ladies

MITT ROMNEY and Paul Ryan are artists in the fine art of lying and pandering. For instance, on women’s issues it depends on who they are talking to and how it will benefit them. There are so many versions of their “beliefs” that who knows what to believe.

Romney believed in pro-choice as governor of Massachusetts. Now to pander to the religious right and tea party he has changed his tune and is suddenly pro-life. Ryan said he believed in abortion only to save a women’s life. Now he says there are exceptions to this when rape is involved. Could this be in response to Todd Akins’s outrageous comments on rape and abortion and the backlash it evoked? They had to do something to get their vote from women.

They mask their beliefs to benefit them. I think they don’t even know what they believe. Whoever they really are, the world has no place for this sleazy behavior. They certainly have no place in the world of liberated women.


Rio Rancho


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