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Development on Westside and Unser in beginning stages

A sign on the corner of Westside Boulevard and Unser Boulevard lays out the future plan for the upcoming Harrington Plaza.
(Stephen Montoya/Rio Rancho Observer)

RIO RANCHO, N.M. — A new development named Harrington Plaza, located on the northeast corner of Westside Boulevard and Unser Boulevard, will soon be underway.

Jim Wible, director at NAI Maestas and Ward, said in a phone interview Tuesday that a site plan is in the early stages of development.

This is the overview of how the Harrington Plaza will be laid out starting late this year.
(Stephen Montoya/Rio Rancho Observer)

“We have a site plan; we have a number of offers on the various parcels of the property,” Wible said. “We don’t have the project planned out at this point, but the project is being scoped and further analyzed in terms of users and access and everything else associated with development of that site.”

Keith Meyer, second director at NIA Maestas and Ward, which is working on the same project, said there are already four offers on the property for various uses.

“We are just reaching critical mass on moving the project forward,” Meyer said. “I think realistically it will be the end of the year when we will get full commitments, which will probably be the second quarter of next year before it will actually be open and operating.”