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Happy diversions on the road

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Darren King has had the “best day off ever,” and he’s proud of it.

“We’ve been on tour with Incubus and Linkin Park, and it’s been amazing,” he says during a recent interview from Chicago. “We went camping with the guys from Incubus and just had a blast. We went kayaking, played volleyball, went hiking and had a barbecue. They were hospitable, and it was just what we needed.”

King is the drummer and founding member of New Orleans-based alternative rock band Mutemath. The band has been around since 2003, released four albums and consists of members Paul Meany, Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas, Todd Gummerman and King.

With Civil Twilight
WHEN: 8 p.m. Sept. 14
WHERE: Sunshine Theater, 120 W. Central
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Its latest release is 2011’s “Odd Soul,” which helped the band get noticed on VH1. After its release, the band was chosen for the music channel’s “You Oughta Know” campaign.

“It was amazing for us because we’ve been at this for so long and found moderate success,” he explains. “We’ve never had a really huge hit and still are working on getting to that point. But getting that distinction brought people to our music.”

With “Odd Soul,” the band was inspired to put out a live EP in August. The EP is “Odd Soul: Live in D.C.” King says the footage was shot during the band’s concert at the city’s legendary 9:30 Club.


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