Letter to the Observer: School band concert impresses former music teacher


My wife and I attended the pre-festival band concert on Feb. 26 at the Rio Rancho High School Performing Arts Center.

This was the first RRHS concert we have attended since moving here four years ago.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that all the groups were well-prepared with excellent musical selections.

If we had not seen but only heard the middle school bands, we might have thought that they were high schoolers. Their directors, Alex Austell and Frank Slife, demonstrated precision and good command as they led their attentive students.

The three high school bands under Matt Casarez were also very impressive in their presentation and appearance. The feature piece, “Angels in the Architecture,” was a challenging and notable conclusion to an entertaining evening.

As a former music teacher, I would say that parents of Rio Rancho band members can be very proud of their kids and thankful for the fine musicians teaching and leading them.

These students are gaining valuable experience in discipline and teamwork that will truly enrich their lives. And I’m sure they will all get good scores in their district contests.

Please keep up the good work

Lowell Elhard

Rio Rancho