Letter to the Observer: Gender reassignment could be a fatal fad


For centuries, little boys and girls have worked through their gender identity eventually coming to a realization of who and what they are. 

The natural process of working out one’s identity and sexuality is a normal part of growing up, or at least it used to be. Today, the number of parents approaching our school systems insisting that their children are the opposite gender of what their outward appearance and genetic makeup declare is increasing at an alarming rate.

New Mexico schools are reporting a growing gender confusion epidemic. This “gender make-believe phenomenon” has been shown to destroy the core identity of impressionable children, sometimes resulting in suicide, as was the case for a sixth-grade girl in Alabama who in 2016 killed herself shortly after transitioning from a girl to a boy.

Before you think that transgenderism is some sort of medical or mental condition that needs to be treated — think again. There’s simply no medical evidence to suggest one can actually change their gender.

Nevertheless, the LGBTQ lobby is aggressively behind the transgender movement asserting its legitimacy, and it’s putting all of its political power and resources behind pushing parents, children and schools into accepting so-called transgenderism. Parents and officials are being bullied into affirming a child’s misguided desire to be someone they’re physically not, and many believe they’re doing the right thing.

However, suggesting gender change presents a false hope. Even if hormones are given, surgeries are performed and society supports a gender-pretending child, they can never truly become what their genetics says they’re not.

Science and medicine know this, but a growing number of transgender advocates are gaining ground socially and politically to move society into accepting gender manipulation, anyway.

Telling anyone, let alone a child, that they can be something they can’t is strangely cruel and sadistic. According to a 2014 report by the Williams Institute, University of California at Los Angeles School of Law and the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, the prevalence of suicide attempts among transgender or gender non-conforming youth is 45 percent.

That’s a startling enough number to do more research before we trot our boys off to re-assignment programs because they played with their sister’s dolls, or before we call the school on the carpet for forgetting to call our little girl “David.”

There’s simply no medical test or scientific evaluation that can show a child is a different gender from what they present genetically, so the answer is not to agree with the child, but to help them. We must also recognize those who encourage a child to hope for the impossible.

Let’s be honest: If a parent insisted that their local high school officials play along with their child’s belief that Santa Claus is real and that their child’s teacher and classmates agree with their 17-year old’s belief in St. Nick to keep the student happy, they’d likely be ignored, or even referred for child abuse evaluation themselves.

Should the transgender-supporting parent be treated any differently?

Mike Patrick

Rio Rancho