Girl Scout cookie season teaches life skills

RIO RANCHO, N.M. — With cookie season upon us, Girl Scouts are eager to reach out to the public and gain support for their organization.

From back, Lauren Jacquin and Isabella Montoya, both Junior Girl Scouts; Zoey Hernandez, a Daisy; and Lily Montoya, a Brownie, sell cookies outside of Walmart Neighboorhood Market on March 2. Troop leader Cynthia Cadman said Thin Mints are the most popular type of cookie, while Samoas come in at a close second. Courtesy photo.

Through their experiences selling cookies, these girls learn valuable life skills that will help them into adulthood.

Troop Leader Cynthia Cadman said her girls learn what it takes to get their cookies to the public and reach their sales goals.

“Now that it’s cookie season, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn financial literacy,” Cadman said. “The Girl Scouts really focus on financial literacy. We learn to budget, make a plan and figure out how many cookies you need to sell in order to earn X, Y and Z.”

The girls also learn valuable communication skills through Girl Scouts, including how to present their products in an interesting way and how to appropriately engage with their customers.

“By the end of cookie season, they are extraordinary little salespeople,” Cadman said.

Cookie season also gives Girl Scouts an opportunity to gain confidence in their ability to complete a task and reach their goals. Cadman said some girls in her troop really start to show their enthusiasm for Girl Scouts during cookie season.

“I have girls who don’t say two words in Girl Scouts all year long, and then come cookie season, they come out of their shell,” she said.

When the girls are not out selling cookies, they are working on community service projects, most pertaining to the cleanliness and safety of their school.

“One time (the girls) went around the school and looked for safety concerns, like sidewalks that are uneven,” Cadman said. “We then painted them bright yellow so that people would see them and would not trip. Things like this are really important to the girls.”

Even if someone doesn’t like cookies, Girl Scouts accept donations year round. Additionally, people can purchase a box of cookies to be donated to the troops overseas or groups in the community.