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New Mexico Voters About Evenly Split on Obama Approval

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New Mexico voters are almost evenly split in whether they approve or disapprove of President Barack Obama’s job performance, according to a Journal Poll.

Journal Poll Reflects Conventions
The Journal Poll was taken between the evening of Sept. 3, one day before the start of the Democratic National Convention, and its conclusion on Sept. 6, with survey calls ending before President Barack Obama’s speech. Fifty percent of the survey calls preceded Michelle Obama’s convention speech on Sept. 4.Brian Sanderoff, president of Research & Polling, which conducted the Journal Poll, said that means the survey incorporates the afterglow of the Republican National Convention, which concluded Aug. 30 with Mitt Romney’s nomination acceptance speech, and much of the Democratic National Convention, which began on Sept. 4 and concluded on Sept. 6.“The facts are that the respondents could have been exposed to the entire Republican convention and most of the Democrat convention. However, the Democrat convention was more recent in the minds of people,” Sanderoff said.

Forty-five percent said they approved, and 46 percent said they disapproved.

However, 10 percent of the voters surveyed Sept. 3-6 were undecided about how the president is doing as he nears the end of his fourth year in office, and the Nov. 6 general election approaches.


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Democrats were far more likely than Republicans to approve of Obama’s job performance – 69 percent, compared with 11 percent. And, with a gap of 83 percent to 18 percent, Republicans were far more likely than Democrats to disapprove.

Independent voters, or those who decline to state a party affiliation when they register, were more likely than not to look unfavorably on the president’s performance. Fifty percent said they disapproved of the job Obama is doing, compared with 41 percent who approved.

By ethnicity, voters identifying themselves as Hispanic were more likely than Anglos to approve of Obama’s job performance. Sixty-one percent of the Hispanic voters said they approved, while 55 percent of those identifying themselves as Anglos said they disapproved.

Disapproval of Obama was highest in the conservative northwest and eastside regions of the state, topping 60 percent in each case. Approval was strongest in the north-central region of the state, which is heavily Democratic and Hispanic, with 58 percent.

In the Albuquerque metropolitan area, the most heavily populated part of the state, 48 percent of voters surveyed approved of Obama’s job performance, 43 percent disapproved and 9 percent were undecided.

Men and women were almost equally split on the president’s job performance. Neither age nor level of education appeared to bear significantly on how voters viewed the president’s performance.

Obama carried New Mexico 57 percent to 42 percent over Republican John McCain in 2008, winning its five electoral votes.

The Journal Poll did not ask a question on Republican candidate Mitt Romeny’s job approval, because he is not a current officeholder.

The Journal Poll on presidential job approval was conducted by Research & Polling Inc. of Albuquerque and is based on a scientific sample of 402 likely voters statewide. The margin of error for the full, statewide sample is plus or minus 4.9 percentage points. The margin of error grows for subsamples.
— This article appeared on page A6 of the Albuquerque Journal