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Midwife Charged with Child Abuse

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A midwife has been arrested and charged with child abuse, after she assisted with a complicated birth that went awry, then allegedly tried to hide her involvement. The baby ended up with a subdural hematoma and bleeding retinas, according to a criminal complaint, and the mother developed an infection because she did not deliver the placenta.
According to a criminal complaint, Jessica Weed, 34, assisted with a home birth on Aug. 28. The baby was breech — foot-first instead of head-first — and was initially not breathing when it was born.
The day after the birth, Weed followed up with the family and told them they were healing and did not need further treatment. But mother and child were admitted to the hospital Aug. 30 with complications. Weed allegedly asked them not to reveal that she was involved with the birth, saying she was out of compliance with her licensure. According to the complaint, her actions put the baby at risk for further complications. Weed was arrested Friday and bonded out of jail Saturday.


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