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Resident petitions to remove governor


The following is a copy of the official certified notice sent to Michelle Lujan Grisham, governor of New Mexico; as well as to Maggie Toulouse Oliver, secretary of state for New Mexico:

We, being lawful citizens of the United States of America, as well as of New Mexico, are communicating this letter to you today as notice of our intent to petition and demand a recall election concerning yourself, the governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan-Grisham, this being the only remaining recourse for the citizens of New Mexico to protect themselves and their country from yourself.

Yourself, the governor, have usurped the authority of the President of the United States by recalling our troops from the border, leaving us open to continued invasion without the safeguards provided by our national defense.

Yourself, the governor, are also in the process of removing the ability of the citizens of New Mexico to adequately protect themselves, by disallowing the sale of privately owned guns, as well as encouraging and applauding House Bill 83, violating our Second Amendment rights.

Without our national defense protecting our state, our country and our citizens, in addition to limiting our ability to defend ourselves, a recall election of yourself is the only course of action left available to the residents of New Mexico.

Recall of elected officials in the state of New Mexico is provided for by Article X of the New Mexico Constitution, and though it includes no specific clause regarding the position of governor, it does not disallow this provision. This action is also provided for and sanctioned in over one-third of the states of the United States of America.

Nineteen states have specifically adopted this terminology into their constitutions; we claim the right to this recall, and an emergency special election, based on the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution of the United States of America, the precedent set forth by our fellow American citizens, as well as Article X of New Mexico’s Constitution.

The undersigned do support this petition concerning yourself and a recall election and do declare that we are registered voters of the state of New Mexico.

The required number of signatures needed to begin the process of this recall election has been achieved; to complete the process successfully, 231,921 signatures are needed in all, or 33.3 percent of all who voted in the 2018 New Mexico governor’s race (see

To sign your name, as a registered voter in the state of New Mexico, please visit All comments are welcome on Facebook at, as well as on Twitter @United Nm.

Joy Ambrosia

Bosque Farms