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‘Green energy’ zealots use hyperbole, deceit to advance agenda

RE: Albuquerque Journal Article, April 7, by Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., titled, “Political-front groups play dirty with clean energy.”

The article is a typical example of tactics used by “green energy” zealots.

First, they attempt to suppress debate – in this instance criticizing the Journal for publishing an (op-ed) with which they disagree. The Journal’s editorial page is an ideal forum for debate. If Heinrich disagrees with an (opinion), simply provide a rebuttal to its assertions. Stop chastising the Journal for publishing it. The Journal is doing exactly what a free press should be doing – entertaining all viewpoints.

Second, they disparage and attempt to discredit the author(s) of disagreeable (opinions) via name calling – e.g. “political front group”, whatever that means – and by insinuating the presence of malicious motives of which they clearly have no knowledge.

Third, they resort to hyperbole and deceit in defending of their own position. Here are a few examples from Heinrich’s article:

“Consumers and electric utilities alike have found clean energy more reliable and cost-effective than traditional energy sources like coal.” Reliable? Sun and wind energy simply doesn’t exist without – well, sun and wind, both of which can hardly be considered reliable sources for 24 hours a day.

What about cost-effectiveness? Battery technology at the current state of development is a very expensive solution to solving the sun and wind no-show intervals. An inconvenient fact frequently omitted by green energy proponents in figuring cost. So much for reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Regarding Germany, “… Citizens are demanding their country take even bolder action to decarbonize their economy by moving away from expensive coal power plants. …” This is more hyperbole. While it appears that the average German citizen is generally supportive of Energiewende or energy revolution, the large majority are hardly “demanding” more aggressive action – and for good reason. Germans pay the highest electrical power rates in the world, and most of Germany is now blighted with large swaths of wind turbine farms. Electricity cost in Germany is $0.30/kilowatt-hour – compared to $0.14 in the U.S. Green energy is not a panacea, and to gloss over or simply ignore its downside serves no useful purpose.

I’m not fundamentally opposed to green energy initiatives, but I am adamantly opposed to using hyperbole and deceit to advance the topic. …

Policy as far-reaching and impactful to society as energy sourcing is best achieved through vigorous open and free debate anchored in facts derived from data and analyses. Then, at least, proceeding with a chosen policy will be done with an awareness of potential detrimental consequences as well as advantages. Thank the Journal for providing a platform in support of this process.

Proponents of green energy do not have all the answers, nor the facts, nor are they sole occupants of the moral high-ground, and all would do well to listen to other arguments. The nation and state would be much better for it.