Our View: Cheers to more beers

RIO RANCHO, N.M. — Over the past few years, Sandoval County has been witness to a boom in brew houses.

In fact, last year the Observer met with some our local brewers and brewery owners to discuss how much the business model for this liquid industry has changed.

One of the big factors to consider when a new brewery announces its opening is the financial impact each one has locally. For the most part, our local brew industry is run by locals, which aids with our economy.

Now it seems the yet-to-open Ex Novo Brewery in the Village of Corrales is the latest in a slew of breweries that has the potential to make an economic impact. Last month, Sandoval County’s Director of Economic Development Dora Dominguez asked the county commission to consider releasing $100,000 worth of Local Economic Development Act funds to help push the brewery forward.

If passed, this funding along with $10,000 of LEDA money the Village of Corrales already procured will create 33 new jobs for area.

That’s huge in itself, not to mention that each position will pay an average annual salary of $44,000. That is a living wage for anyone in New Mexico, but what makes it more significant is that it can also sustain a person living in Corrales comfortably.

There has been a bit of eye-rolling from some, saying we don’t need another brewery. However, this industry will create something we all need to survive: jobs.

From those jobs, and the brewery, for that matter, we create gross receipts tax income, which in turn will help the county and village financially in the long run.

The Observer has also heard comments from some Corrales residents not pleased about the type of building Ex Novo owner Joel Gregory and his business partners placed on what is considered a historical location. The building and the huge trees that were there before didn’t offer residents jobs or the county or village economic support.

In fact, the so-called historical site Ex Novo now resides on was an eyesore.

The Observer would like to applaud Ex Novo, especially Gregory for deciding to come back home and create a business that has a real significance for the surrounding community. If bringing more breweries to our county means this type of economic impact, we should have as many of them as we do Starbucks on NM 528.

In a community that needs business dollars to survive, we should be overjoyed we have another boost to our economy. The Observer looks forward to the opening of Ex Novo and wishes them all the success a new business deserves.