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Councilor Bency likes his reflection


This letter is in regard to a letter submitted to the editor by Janice Grimes in the June 2 edition of the Observer.

Janice is correct when she states the fact that our city is behind on retail stores. I commented, during the adoption of our city budget, that we are severely behind other cities similar in size to our city.

Santa Fe has 13,000 fewer residents, yet millions more in revenue. Janice asked that I look in the mirror and ask myself what I have done to bring retail into the city.

A quick look back in history will show that I brought GRIP, (Gross Receipts Investment Program,) to the city after working with the state attorney general and the legislature in order for the program to not violate the state anti-donation law. It was adopted by our council in 2001-02.

The city has utilized GRIP four times: for Lowe’s on Northern Boulevard in 2007, Premier Cinemas in 2010, Petroglyph Medical Plaza in 2010 and The Plaza at Enchanted Hills in 2011. Per staff, these four projects have brought valuable gross receipts taxes into our city over the years.

A fifth project for Premiere Cinemas in Enchanted Hills was passed by council, but the cinema backed out of the project.

So, yes, when I look into the mirror and think about what I have tried to accomplish for retail development, I see a smiling face.

Please shop at and buy from these retailers for the wellbeing of the city.

Dave Bency

Rio Rancho city councilor, District 6