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Martinez’s Travel Amps Up

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — With the 2012 general election fast approaching, Gov. Susana Martinez is racking up frequent flier miles by hopscotching across time zones.

The governor traveled to Tennessee and back Wednesday to participate in an event aimed at getting more Republican women elected to state and local offices around the country.

Martinez, the nation’s first elected Latina governor, was the keynote speaker at a luncheon in Nashville. Her travel costs were paid for by the Republican State Leadership Committee, according to Martinez’s political consultant, Jay McCleskey.

After flying to Las Cruces late Wednesday, Martinez plans to head out again today to attend political events in Texas.

Those events, which will be held in Houston and Austin, will benefit the Republican Governors Association and Martinez’s political committee, Susana PAC, which will pay for the trip’s expenses.


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The governor will return to New Mexico on Friday, McCleskey said.

Earlier this week, Martinez traveled to Arizona to take part in a conference focused on the Mexican border and the region’s economic potential. That trip was paid for by the state.

Martinez’s busy travel schedule is not without precedent among New Mexico governors.

Most recently, former Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson traveled to 19 states and Puerto Rico during a seven-month span leading up to the 2008 general election.
— This article appeared on page C2 of the Albuquerque Journal