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Sports Speak Up: Readers sound off on Megan Rapinoe

THE MILITARY VETERANS are concerned about how the athletes of this country disrespect the values of this country. The athletes live under the freedom which was provided to all Americans by the United States military members. The athletes should never be invited to the White House. All they do is disrespect the country. Military personnel never get invited, especially those heroes who died protecting to keep the American Values. As for Rapinoe saying she is an American she is very mistaken.

— RC

IF NOT FOR the U.S. Soccer Federation requiring Megan Rapinoe to stand for the national anthem, I suppose she would still be dropping to one knee. With the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day last month and since the U.S. World Cup women’s team is in France, maybe a trip to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, 14710 Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy, France to honor the 9,387 American soldiers who were part of The Greatest Generation that saved the world from brutal Nazi rule would be memorable. Hopefully the entire team would be on two knees, not one.

— JJ

SO THE WOMEN’S soccer team won a game without Rapinoe? That’s weird. Based on the Journal’s coverage of the World Cup, I thought she was the only player on the team.

— BC

NOTE TO ENGLAND, you’re done. Time to vacate the U.S. team’s hotel rooms. Plenty of room on the boat headed across the Channel.

— tarheelbill

AS SUNDAY’S JOURNAL sports section sadly reported, there was a death noted in our closely connected family on Monday, July 1, and all of us are deeply saddened by the passing, and will miss the decedent more than most of NM will ever know. As mourners, we were there when Jeremy Fishbein, coaches, and team first birthed the men’s soccer program and made us faithful followers for 16 years. We didn’t pay enough to save the patient, but we put our rears in the seats for all home games, win, lose or draw. RIP Lobo Men’s Soccer.

— Grieving Alum

I WOULD LIKE to keep politics out of the sports page. I don’t care if you can shoot a basket, throw a football or kick a soccer ball. I don’t listen to movie stars or tv stars or anyone on a talk show. I have my beliefs and I don’t share them. Two sayings come to mind. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you and don’t crap where you eat.

— T.D.K

TO SPEEDY ROADRUNNERS, when were you given the job of defining what is, “America?” There is something in this country called the Constitution which contains wording you’re probably not familiar with. It’s called the “Bill of Rights,” and the first of these is something called “Freedom of Speech.” If you don’t like what Ms. Rapinoe has to say, I suggest you don’t read it! Suffice it to say that compared to the language used by the temporary occupant of the White House, Ms. Rapinoe’s language was mild.

— Just a Guy on the Westside