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Here’s what Jerry Jones said about Zeke, Dak and Taco after Cowboys’ win over Texans

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett greets Mike Weber (40) and the rest of the team as they warm up for Saturday night’s win over Houston. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

ARLINGTON, Texas — Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones discussed a wide variety of topics after Saturday’s 34-0 preseason win over the Houston Texans at AT&T Stadium.

Here’s a portion of what he said, which was provided by the Cowboys’ transcription service:

On what his impression of the team was:

“I thought we got a lot of plays. Even though a bunch of them were called back on penalties, we still get to see the plays and we still get to see the players for a duration. One issue that you have in the preseason is you have issue of continuity, penalties. We have an issue seeing that and that keeps you away from evaluation. That’s what it is, but we got to see a lot of really good plays. It really didn’t surprise me in the ones that made the plays. Like the work Taco (Charlton) did tonight, you got to be proud for him. He’s come a long way. 92 really had an impressive night out there for me. I don’t think anyone has blocked Maliek Collins yet. In August or latter of July. I’m glad that for him he got that work done. We had other good plays, had some guys make plays. The turnovers, tackles, it’s so unfortunate and I’m so sad that for the running back with Houston. I understand it was serious injury. It’s unfortunate.”

On if Michael Gallup is more impressive or right where he expects him to be:

“I like the way he came on at the end of last year, but the way he had his rookie year, you’d think that you can lift the bar with expectation for him. He had a fabulous career at Colorado State. He’s really had a great camp. He’s one of the receivers that’s done some really good things. I really want to give the coaches some good credit for that. They are giving him some really good coaching and some great works with these quarterbacks. I’m particularly pleased with Rush tonight. I really thought what he does so well is really handling when it breaks down. And I think that’s what you see in him. It reminds me of what we initially saw just two years ago is what we saw out there tonight. I thought he played the best I’ve seen him play tonight.”

On is he pleased with Tony Pollard again:

“Very much. He looks like he’s been doing this two or three years. Just his confidence you can see he knows what he’s doing because he’s got confidence and he’s got a portfolio on him. I think he’s got skills for just offensive football. He shows it every time he goes out there. At practice, preseason games. I’m very pleased with him. I thought that Alfred did some good things out there, 40 did some good things. Again real pleased with what we’ve got done. Now that we are of course coming on down here, we’re playing the giants right. I thought there was some really big advance toward being ready for the giants tonight.”

On his impression of the offense:

“I think that we have had as much depth as long as I’ve been here. You can point to the talent that the players bring. We are an example of how you can have an outstanding commitment. In our case our roster, you can have outstanding talent, in our case drafting high and having them perform to where they were drafted or better. And you still can’t have enough because things happen and you need depth. So, we are unique, we planned it to where we hoped we could plan it in a way, that’s why we drafted the way we did this year. I think we are going to have a team who has a great front line and I think we have the best depth that we’ve ever had since I’ve been in football.”

On looking at a team like Houston, there are so many team who don’t have offensive linemen, has he gotten calls on his offensive lineman?:

“Yes, I don’t want to be to generic. You can imagine how it looks to any of us as though we got depth, you can rest assure that phone is ringing off the wall. That’s the way you want it. That’s actually the way you want it. I’ve never made many things happen good for the Dallas Cowboys when the phone is not ringing. Me going the other way is not to good.”

On any positive developments on how he’s going with the team:

“Again we are just excited about this team, and that’s the way it is. I thought Stephen did a good job the other day and most of you saw it, when he said these things they tee him up. You get all the facts, everybody gets all the fact and when they do, sometimes it happens in an hour. I can’t tell you a number of things I’ve done in the wee hours in the morning. You think, why in the world does this have to be, you’ve been talking about this for months why did you do them at three o’clock in the morning, 10 o’clock in the morning or three in the afternoon. It doesn’t work that way sometimes and so everybody understand that, and so I don’t have anything to do with that.”

On how he feels on having four preseason games:

“We are evaluating. I’m involved in our labor negotiation and I’m in CBA negotiations every Monday and Tuesday and have been for several weeks. We all players in the league are looking at preseason and looking at what we can do to make preseason better for our fans. I’m one of those guys who find preseason exciting, but everyone doesn’t look at it that way. I thought that when you look at the fact that there is almost 100 players a piece out there tonight, which represents probably several hundred million dollars of talent. That is enjoyable to me, to watch those guys out there and play. But the bottom line is that everybody knows that at the end of the day it’s my town against yours and we want to see you competing down right to the last day. Getting there with preseason doesn’t happen and so we are taking a look at it. Everybody is taking a look at what we are doing in preseason. It has been a subject of evaluating and looking at and critiquing since I have been in the league for 30 years.”

On being an optimist and being optimistic he can get his three big guys deal done:

“Well we don’t have but one. And I’m not trying to be trite, but really, I have but one contract. And it has to get done and play. Yes, optimistic that we can get Zeke’s deal done. I don’t know that. I don’t mean to be trite, but the whole premise is to get the contract and play him. So that is what we are trying to do here. Zeke’s under contract.”

On what time does it become an urgent issue to get Zeke in:

“Well I don’t know. I’ve played games with contracts before and we went ahead and played the games. I guess you can say it was the start of the game or the end of the game or the next game that it is urgent. Again, I don’t want to sound like it’s not important for him to be here. I think it is important for him to be here or we wouldn’t having everybody be here and getting some work in. Everything about this is important. Everybody does understand and it’s just a question of seeing if it works. We’re going to play football one way or the other. That’s just the way it works.”

On what his goal is with Dak’s negotiations before the season starts:

“Goals? I don’t look at it as goals. In terms of off the field is you want everybody under contract. And everybody that is under contract that makes the squad line up against the giants. That is the goal. It’s accountable. It’s a very tangible thing. Everybody under contract play. When you don’t have everybody play you are dealing with a blow out or a flat tire some place and you try to get it fixed. But you go ahead and play and you do play.”

On Dak’s performance this preseason:

“Everything including out training camp, I couldn’t be more pleased with everything. The thing we’ve got, everything we’ve got under our belt, I couldn’t be more pleased. I think we’ve added responsibility here with our receivers our whole gambit of young receivers, second receivers, new receivers, veteran receivers, what we’ve done working with our offensive line, I don’t think we could have gotten any more work done with our team. As specifically Zeke is such a player and knows what we’re doing. I’ve got a method on TA’s that efficiently play.”

On knowing how Dak is as a person does he think he will have problems playing his last season if it is under the last year of his contract:

“Not one bit. Certainly not a bit. I wouldn’t question anything, just like he has given no ground or anything relative when I say given ground. He hasn’t done anything to take any challenge mentally or physically so far. As the season goes ahead, it’s our boat, it’s everybody’s boat for the Cowboys to have that great year. We go to the stratosphere, and Dak and I would be riding with it.”

On when he looks at Crawford and Lawrence, coming back from injuries, does Taco become an even bigger performance in the beginning of the season:

“Yes, I think we’ve got really good numbers. You have numbers and you have playmakers. Like the last couple of passes that he has not been. That is some of the unique things that allow you to do that. Simply, offensive timing as well as the length to do it. So, that’s a good one for him. Everything that Taco does in his repertoire, is really outstanding. We just want him and he just wants to have a bigger repertoire. If he’ll add to his repertoire, which he is trying to do, then you can imagine if he adds a couple of those things. When it comes to timing the ball up and down and knocking it up, you doing several things. He’s outstanding.”


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