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Trees on Southern Blvd. unnecessary luxury


In reading a letter to the editor in regard to the reconstruction on Southern Boulevard, the two different viewpoints are interesting.

Our impression of the results is very good. But we do have a question that as far as we know had not been brought up before.

We noticed while being passengers on a car driven by somebody else, and that after the first half was finished, there were several trees planted for several blocks between the curb and the sidewalk in most cases. We question not only the necessity for such extravagance, but the expenditure for the upkeep.

The initial expense has been paid for, we assume. But the watering of such unnecessary luxury is what concerns us.

Water is a resource that is not renewable and we could be running the risk of total loss of water. My wife and I are so conscientious about that issue that when at a restaurant we ask for a half glass of water or two straws for one big glass.

Further, as a retired couple in our high 80s, we do not appreciate the added expense on our water bill, which is currently $96-plus a month. Now, if the person who decided that the trees were necessary for whatever reason would be willing to pay the difference between our current costs and any future costs, we would stop griping.

In addition, the sewer costs are pegged to the water usage right?

We are recent residents in Rio Rancho, and it is absolutely necessary that while driving, one has to pay 100 percent attention to traffic and thus cannot afford the enjoyment of the “beauty” of those trees.

So we suggest that the practice of planting unnecessary greenery be stopped!

Tim Candelaria

Rio Rancho