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With Latinos thriving, get ready to flip NM to red

Hispanic Americans are thriving like never before under President Trump’s leadership, yet the Democrats have spent the past three years trying to convince Latinos in battleground states such as New Mexico that Donald Trump is the worst thing to ever happen to them.

Well, ask yourself: Were the last three years better or worse than before? Are you and your family better off now than you were then? Does it seem like the man in the most powerful political office in the world has spent three years trying to diminish you or empower you?

I’m willing to bet that your quality of life has improved dramatically since Donald Trump took office. The Democrats’ entire fear-mongering farce completely falls apart upon contact with reality.

In the real world, Hispanic Americans have filled 2.4 million of the nearly 6 million new jobs created by the Trump economic boom. Under President Trump, Hispanic median family income has hit an all-time high and the Hispanic poverty rate has reached an all-time low.

Those figures aren’t cherry-picked highlights, either. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Trump era has been the most prosperous time for Latinos in American history. The Hispanic unemployment rate had only dipped below 5% for a single month – ever – before President Trump took office. Since January 2017, it’s fallen below that mark 21 times.

Democrats such as Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke seem to think that shameless ethnic pandering can somehow make these cold, hard facts disappear. They think cynically exploiting tragedies for political benefit and blaming President Trump for the humanitarian crisis on the border can make Latinos forget about their newfound prosperity.

It’s not going to work, though. Latinos don’t like being the target of political pandering any more than any other Americans do, and Beto’s dismal poll numbers prove it. Despite peppering his speeches with rudimentary Spanish, Beto has only convinced about 6% of Hispanic Democrats to support him.

Unlike any of the Democrats rushing to accuse him of hurting Latinos, moreover, President Trump actually has a record of elevating and empowering Hispanic Americans.

Latinos are not an afterthought of the MAGA agenda; they are an essential element of it. For all the Democratic blustering on the subject, it is the majority-Hispanic U.S. Border Patrol that has repeatedly requested construction of a border wall. For all the Democratic whining about “stacking the courts,” it’s the constitutional originalist judges Trump has appointed, such as Rodolfo Ruiz and David Morales, who will carry on the vision of the founding fathers from the federal bench for decades to come.

President Trump is refusing to copy the Democrats by treating Hispanic voters as an afterthought in 2020. His policies have done wonders for Hispanic Americans, and Latinos for Trump is going to work tirelessly over the next year to bring that positive message to Hispanic voters all over the country.

In 2016, Donald Trump lost New Mexico by fewer than 66,000 votes – significantly less than the number who voted for third-party candidates. Without former governor Gary Johnson on the ballot, New Mexico is going to be a seriously competitive state in the 2020 presidential election. The President and his campaign have made crystal clear that they’ll be fighting tooth and nail to flip New Mexico red next year, and there’s never been a better time than now to join that effort by getting involved with Latinos for Trump.

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