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Bottleneck Fix on Unser Near McMahon Is Coming Soon

LAST PIECE OF UNSER NW IN THE WORKS: CB emails “Unser is now four lanes from Southern to McMahon. However, there is still a short bottleneck south from McMahon to Bandelier, just after the CVS store. Are there plans to make southbound two lanes?”

Yes — in fact, that’s the next Unser NW project.


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Mark Motsko, who handles information for Albuquerque’s Department of Municipal Development, says “crews are nearly complete with the widening project of Unser Boulevard from Black Arroyo to McMahon Boulevard. This project is increasing the travel lanes from two to four, adding storm drainage, curb and gutter, on-street bike lanes and a multi-use trail. Crews installed the backbone infrastructure for a traffic signal at Night Whisper to save time and money when the need for a signal is warranted in the future.”

The city is “in the bidding phase of the next stretch of Unser from McMahon to Bandelier,” Motsko says. “This project will widen the roadway from three lanes to four and add on-street bike lanes, curb and gutter, sidewalks and continue the multi-use trail. Bids are scheduled to be opened Oct. 30th. Construction would start early 2013 and finish by late summer 2013. This will create a full four-lane Unser Boulevard from the Sandoval/Bernalillo County line to Paradise Boulevard.”

NEW LANDSCAPING ON 86TH: To the south, Motsko says, “the design for landscaping the median on 86th Street between Sage and Sapphire is almost complete. This stretch of road was recently widened and now is ready to be landscaped. Work should begin by the middle of November and finish up by the end of the year.”

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