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Vote Smart, Not Dumb, for a Change

READING SUNDAY’S paper, where President Obama has a 10-point lead in the state poll, leads me to believe that the voters in this state fall into the definition of what Albert Einstein called insanity: Doing the thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It’s not only voting for Obama, but voting for our state government, too.

For years and years the Democrats have controlled the House and Senate, and look what they have done with it. We make the top of the list of what is wrong and the bottom of the list of things that are right and, of course, corruption runs rampant. That is not a very good record for all these years of leadership, is it?

Then we come to suing the secretary of state for removing the “vote straight party box” from the ballot and the pictures of the donkey and the elephant. My God, if the electorate needs pictures to vote, does that mean they do not know the candidates or the issues? If so, maybe they should not be voting.

Karl Marx, the author of the “Communist Manifesto,” had a name for these voters; he called them the “useful idiots.”


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This election, lets do something productive for the country and the state and vote for freedom first.