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Lovelace Health Plan Sues Doctors

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Lovelace Health Plan has asked a state District Court to stop a medical group from trying to get its patients to switch to a new insurance companies.
Lovelace accuses the 184-physician ABQ Health Partners of breaching its agreement with the health plan by soliciting Lovelace customers to change insurers, of interfering with Lovelace’s business relationships with its members, and of violating state and federal regulations governing marketing to Lovelace customers of its Medicare Advantage plan.
ABQ Health Partners said in a state released Sunday, “At ABQ Health Partners, we are trying to educate our patients about their basic rights. Lovelace Health Plan is trying to prevent this through a new lawsuit and through misleading advertisements and confusing communications. It is an attempt by Lovelace Health Plan to interfere with the rights of doctors and patients to communicate with each other.
“ABQ Health Partners strongly believe that our doctors and providers have every right to discuss changes in care directly with their patients.”
ABQ Health Partners has provided medical services to Lovelace plan members for the past five years. The practice terminated its contract effective Nov. 8 and proposed a new agreement with the insurer. The parties failed to reach a new agreement.
Since then Lovelace has been trying to assign members seen by ABQ Health Partners to new physicians. The practice has been telling patients they can continue to see their physicians by changing insurance companies.


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